Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baseball game

A couple of weeks ago, Jon, Aidan, Nick, Joe, and Owen went to a Bull's baseball game. On the way over it started storming, so the game didn't start on time. The boys got dinner and waited until it was time to start.

Once the game started, I hear everyone got right into it with cheering and yelling.
Aidan told me all about meeting " The Blue Monster," which he loved. He told me he took Owen's ball and wrote on it, and then he gave it back to him. He did the same thing with his ball too.
Of course the kids enjoyed snacks while they were there too.

The game started out slow, but turned out to be a success. The kids had a great time!

Thanks Aylin!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tracy and Paul's wedding!

Last Sunday, May 30th, Tracy and Paul got married at Duke Chapel. The Chapel, as well as the ceremony was beautiful. The reception was at Tobacco District, which was very beautiful as well. We had so much fun playing, dancing, and spending time with family.

We stayed at The Marriot so we didn't have to worry about driving. This is Aidan and Peyton getting ready.

Aidan looking very handsome!

Peyton was very excited about wearing her "princess dress."
They both looked adorable in their matching outfits.
Peyton decided to take a little nap on the way over to the church and slept through most of the ceremony.
Everyone walking in to the church before the wedding.
Peyton's favorite thing to do was to walk up the church steps, sit down for a minute, then walk back down.
Bronte dancing with her Daddy at the reception.
There was a cornhole game at the reception, which the kids loved. Although Peyton thought it was a slide. Hey, whatever keeps them occupied!
Aidan and Owen knew exactly what to do and had a great time throwing the bean bags back and forth. Luckily, disaster was avoided when Aidan managed to throw one over the balcony. It just landed on the ground instead of a table, and managed not to knock someone out.
It was really great to get to see family that we don't see a lot.

The kids had a blast. They got to splash their feet in water,
run around and play with each other,
eat cake,
and dance.

By the end of the night the kids were exhausted! They did really well considering we were there until midnight.
Peyton staring in amazement at everyone dancing.
The wigs even managed to come out.
It was a great time with great people.

Congrats Tracy and Paul!