Monday, February 16, 2009

Picture tag

Kara tagged me a couple days ago to open up the sixth picture in my sixth folder. So here it is:

This is last summer when Aidan was in an art show. This is him by his drawing he submitted for the show. It was really cute. The show was at a local wine store. There was a little showing with each kids submission, name and age, and a reception with snacks and drinks. We knew a lot of the kids in the show so it was really fun. It was really great looking at this picture and remembering what a great time this was.

Aubrey, you are the only one left I know to tag. Kara tagged everyone else I know that have blogs. So Aubrey, open up your sixth picture in your sixth folder, and lets see it!

I wear my sunglasses while baking

Saturday morning Aidan and I made lemon bars for my sister. Apparently the batter was very bright because he just had to wear his sunglasses while stirring it.

Aidan is such a good helper and loves to watch and help cooking and baking. Maybe he was using the glasses as protective gear. When he is done helping stir there is usually stuff all over the counter and walls.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peyton is on the move

Peyton started walking around the house a couple days ago. Before that she would only take a couple steps at a time. Now, I'll look over and she'll just be walking across the room. She's really cruizin now. Go Peyton!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie

Aidan loves babies. So when we watched Elliot one morning, he was happy and eager to help.
He brought him toys to play with and helped me feed him a snack.

He also tried to read him a book. It didn't work out so well because after about 30 seconds, Elliot crawled away. Aidan didn't seem to mind too much, he just kept right on reading.
Thanks Aidan for all your help!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Aidan and Daddy time

So, with Jon home a lot more, I am getting to see the very cute things that Aidan and Jon do together more often. Both Jon and Aidan like to play men, so they spend a good amount of time together doing just that. One of my favorite things to listen to is the two of them playing men in the shower. When getting ready for a shower, I usually see Aidan run down the stairs naked, grabbing the men he wants to take in with him, and then running his naked self back up the stairs. If you know Jon, you know he likes to save money. So every Sunday when the paper comes he cuts all the coupons. Recently, this has become one of Aidan's favorite activities as well. He gets to spend time with daddy while learning how to use scissors.

Here they are at the kitchen table today cutting out the coupons:

Jon, thanks for being such a good Daddy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The circus

Today the whole family headed out to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus. It was Aidan and Peyton's first time, as well as mine.

Here we all are waiting in line to get in to the pre-show. It was Sara, Kevin, Nick, Jon, Aidan, Peyton, and I that went.

Outside, while waiting to get in, Sara bought each of the boys a program. Here Aidan is with his on his back.
We went an hour before the actual show to the pre-show to meet the animals and people in the circus.

Here is one of the men on stilts.
Here is Nick wearing his clown nose.
Jon an the kids in our seats.
Peyton fell asleep before the circus started and spent the first half of it this way.
Aidan watching intently.

His favorite part was the animals. He loved the horses,

and the elephants.

I didn't catch the tigers, but he loved them as well. He loved the parts when their were animals involved, but when they left he kept asking where they went. He didn't care much about the people hanging from the ceiling or the contortionists or the dancing people. Other than the animals, he like the motorcycles, other vehicles in the show.

Peyton did good for a while. She slept for the first half. She woke up, clapped and danced for a while, and then decided she didn't want to sit anymore. I had to take her out and walk her around and let her climb the stairs a couple of times. I was a able to peak in every so often and watch from the standing area.

All in all everyone had a good time. For my first circus I really liked it, and so did Aidan.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Change is good, I hope.

So, one of my friends just wrote a post about moving out of their house to a bigger, new one. The title of the post was, change is good. I'm hoping that is true for us as well. Jon just got laid off yesterday so it will be a big change for us. I can't remember a time since we have been together that he has not had a job. He didn't really enjoy his job, he had to work way too many hours, and it didn't pay that great. It still payed the bills, it was still a job. Change is good though, right? I'm hoping he will find something that he really enjoys doing, not have to work so many hours, and will pay a little more. Is that too much to ask? Maybe that was the plan for us. Maybe Jon losing his job is supposed to force him to find something he enjoys doing, and will allow him to spend more time with us. A push in a better direction. In my gut I feel we will be O.K., but the fact of not knowing what is ahead is really difficult.