Saturday, June 20, 2009

Meeting Diego

Diego is one of Aidan's favorite shows, so I thought he would like to meet him in person. Well, not so much. As soon as we walked into the room and he spied Diego he hid behind my leg and would not let go. He would not go anywhere near him. In order to get out of the room you had to walk past him. I just about dragged him to get out of there. When I asked him why he did not like him he said " he's too big and I do not like his hair like that." A good excuse, I thought. He did look a little creepy.

Here is Aidan clinging to my leg for dear life.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Remember, I love you.

For a little while now, Aidan has been somewhat difficult. I am told it is his age. Apparently at age three some crazy thing happens to most children. At least according to many other mother's of three year olds. The biggest problem is listening. Everything is "NO" or "I don't want to." It can be me asking if he wants to read books or telling him it's bedtime. I have been giving him consequences and choices and that seems to be helping. The last couple of days he has been so sweet. He's like a totally different child. It's very weird that he can be so different from day to day. Lately he has been saying the cutest thing. Out of the blue he will say "You know mommy, I love you. Remember?" I can be playing with him, or making lunch, or playing outside and he will stop what he is doing and say that to me. It melts my heart. For a split second, it makes forget all the "I don't want to's" of the day.