Friday, April 25, 2008

Freaking out

So my mother is leaving in four days after being here for two and a half months and I am starting to freak out about being alone with two kids. I know many people who are doing great at it by themselves and my rational self knows I can do it too but it's my irrational self that is causing me trouble. Stuff like what do I do if they are both crying?, how do I do Aidan's nap?, and how do I get anything else done? are running through my mind right now. When I am nursing how do I keep Aidan out of trouble and occupied? I know I'll figure it out but I just needed to vent about it.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aidan's purple nose

So we go over to Beth's house for dinner and the first thing Aidan does is run straight into at full force her dining room table. The perfect height to catch the bridge of his nose. He now looks a little like a character right out of Star Wars. I think this might have been one of his scariest injuries yet. Thankfully it turned out to be not that bad.

Butterfly Kisses

Aidan discovered butterfly kisses yesterday when he was supposed to be taking a nap. He thought they were the most hilarious thing in the world. I was laying with him trying to get him to fall asleep when all of the sudden a little finger was in front of my eye. As a natural reaction I blinked and my eyelash caught the tip of his finger. Next a burst of laughter. So then I gave him some butterfly kisses on his cheek. More laughter. We did this for about ten minutes. I love watching Aidan make discoveries like this.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peyton's birth story

I started feeling sick at the end of July 2007. We were not technically trying because I had only one cycle since having Aidan. We decided we were ready for another child and were hoping I would get pregnant despite the fact that I could not track my ovulation. After feeling sick for a while I thought I might be pregnant so I took a test. It was negative. I took another test a couple of days later and there was a very faint second line. I then took three more tests including one at the doctors office all of which turned out a negative result. I was told I was not pregnant by the Doctor as well. Three weeks go by of me still feeling sick and pregnant before I got a positive test result. Ten more weeks of morning sickness followed. Being pregnant with a very active toddler was very difficult.

I went into labor on Thursday March 20 around 8pm. The contractions started at 7 minutes apart and then gradually went to 5. They stayed at 5 minutes apart all night. At midnight I decided to go to the hospital to get checked cause the contractions were getting worse. I was sent home at 2cm. I woke up in the morning with contractions still 5 minutes apart but obviously getting worse. At 11am we went back to the hospital. At noon I was checked by Dr. Smith and was 4cm and in active labor. The contractions were much worse by then. I was admitted and moved to a labor and delivery room. At 2 I had an epidural and by 4:07pm our daughter Peyton was born. She weighed 7lbs.11oz. This was a very different labor and delivery than with Aidan. It was very quick and a lot less painfull. Three pushes and she was here. Aidan, my mother, and Jon's mother and sister came to visit us that night. Aidan was very excited to meet Peyton. They were both sitting in my lap and Aidan was kissing and hugging his new little sister. Then the cutest thing happened. Peyton started crying. Aidan looked at me and hid little face crumbled and he started crying as well. He has since then learned to ignore her crying but I will never forget that moment. We left the hospital the next day at 5pm and our lives as the parents of two began.

Aidan's birth story

In early September of 2005 we found out we were pregnant with Aidan after only one month of trying. The pregnancy went fairly well except for the fact that I had gestational diabetes. I was able to manage my sugar using a special diet. Other than that I remember being very hungry and tired in the early and later months. I had to be induced because of the GD so on Thursday May 18 we arrived at the hospital at 8pm. They inserted what they call a balloon in my cervix and the induction had begun. I was a little uncomfortable but I was able to sleep a bit and when I awoke at 6am on Friday morning I was already 4cm dilated. Dr. White seemed to think that was great and that I would deliver by lunch time. No such luck. It took until 7pm to fully dilate and then another long, hard 3 hours of pushing. The forceps were then used to help deliver Aidan at 10pm on Friday May 19. He was 8lbs.5oz. And so we had our son. Holding him and looking into his eyes for the first time is a feeling I will never forget.

Becoming a Mom

Becoming a mom was the best thing that ever happened to me. It is also the hardest and most selfless thing I will ever do. I have had the most fun I will ever have with my kids and I have had some of the hardest moments in my life with my kids. Aidan and Peyton bring me joy and happiness everyday. They make me smile and laugh and cry and think. They make me remember the wonderment and freedom of being a kid. Watching them grow and learn new things everyday is amazing to me. Aidan has taught me more in his two short years than I have learned in my thirty years of life. I'm sure Peyton has much more to teach me as well. I've had a great time being a mom to my two children and I am looking forward to many more great moments with them.