Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Aidan had a blast tonight. At first he was shy about going up to houses and saying "trick or treat." He told Jon or I that we had to say it. Once he got the hang of it and knew he was going to get candy he was a pro. By the end of the night he was running from one house to another telling us "I go by myself." He would go to the door, knock, and then proceed to grab the candy out of the bowl as soon as the person opened the door. We had to tell him many times to wait until they handed him the candy. It was very cute though.

Here is Aidan a couple nights ago after we carved his pumpkin:

Aidan and Peyton in their daytime Halloween outfits:

Aidan was Mickey Mouse..
and Peyton was Minnie. (at Aidan's request, or should I say insistence)
Mickey and Minnie together. (love Peyton's scrunchy face)

Aidan going trick or treating all by himself
Both attacking the candy as soon as we got home.

Peyton had a great time too. She loved checking everybody out and watching all the kids running around.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Festivals

Last weekend our neighborhood had a fall festival. Aidan painted a pumpkin....

and played some games.
This is his spider ring he won.
This Sunday we went to another fall festival with Joe, Bronte, Michael, And Grandma.

Aidan was very excited to be able to ride a pony again.
This time Bronte was riding the pony in front of him.
We even had fun waiting in line to ride the ponies.
Bronte and Aidan are ver y happy to finally be next to ride.
Aidan played some games...
and won candy for prizes. He was very excited about that. He kept trying to eat it while waiting to play the next game.
Peyton had a great time too.
People watching got tiring after awhile so she took a little nap.
Aidan loved the fact that we had to ride a bus to and from our car. This is us in the back seat of the bus.
Aidan also went down a huge blow up slide that I did not get a picture of, and we went on the craziest hay ride ever. It was really fast and bumpy. The driver turned a lot and at the end went up a big hill. We then had to come down which was really fun. All of this in the dark was crazy, but fun.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The fair

Last Monday we all went to the NC State fair. One of the first things we did was go into the UNC TV kids tent. Aidan made me take a picture of him in front of all the wooden figures.

Here are just a few:

We looked at some baby animals...

Aidan and Jon played a couple of games...

Aidan rode a ton of rides...

but his favorite thing of all was riding the ponies.
We all had a good time, but Aidan had a blast. I can't wait to go next year when Peyton can get in on the action.

Funny things Aidan says

The other day I was in the car with Aidan and I was telling him we had to go to the mall so mommy could vote for a president. Aidan says all excited " a present for Aidan? " I thought that was very cute.

We were watching a show with an elephant behind some trees. The elephant stayed behind the trees the whole time so Aidan says to me " mommy, the elephant is locked, right? "

Tonight he told me that he is the boss. I don't know how he knows what that is cause we don't really talk about it.

In the car on the way to target I was talking to my Grandfather. He lives in NY so we don't get to see him very much. We were just there in September so he is still fresh in Aidan's mind. When I got off the phone Aidan told me that grandpa was outside on the porch drinking tea. If you know my Grandfather you would know that this is very funny because he never drinks tea, he drinks homemade wine. Also, very rarely does anyone else I know drink tea so I don't know where he got that one from.

Friday, October 17, 2008

She's on the move

Peyton is not crawling yet, at least not on her hands and knees. She is doing what her brother did and is army crawling. Hopefully she will not be walking at 10 months like him. Yikes!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where's the raisin?

This is a funny story I always want to remember. Anytime I'm a little down I will think of this day.

We were on our way home from story time. I had given Aidan a box of raisins before we left to eat in the car as a snack. All of the sudden he starts screaming " my raisin, my raisin." I said " calm down." " What happened to your raisin?" (thinking he had just dropped them) The response I heard was something I definitely was not expecting. He said " the raisin is up my nose!" I pulled the car over and looked up his nose and sure enough there was a raisin up there. Far enough up there where you could not reach it, but close enough so you could still see it. I tried to get him to blow his nose but it would not come out. What was I to do, I thought. I ended up going to Beth's house cause it was not to far from the ENT if we could not retrieve it with tweezers. After a little coaxing Aidan let me stick the tweezers up his nose and get the raisin out. What a relief. I could not imagine having to walk in to the Ent's office saying I needed someone to take a raisin out of my son's nose. I'm sure they have pulled plenty of stuff out of kids noses, but still. He looked at the raisin, laughed, and then said he felt much better. Then began playing as if nothing had happened.

Who's the little boy in this picture?

When Aidan was born with big blue eyes, and then started growing strawberry blonde hair, we always wondered were it came from. Well here it is. This is Jon as a little boy and Aidan is a mirror image. Crazy!