Friday, September 17, 2010

NC State game

At the last minute, Jon's boss dropped a pair of clubhouse tickets to the State game last night, right in his lap. For some strange reason, Aidan ended up taking a nap yesterday, so he ended up enjoying the game with Jon. They were in the clubhouse, so there was food,and drinks, and desserts, and air conditioning, and soft leather chairs. If you so desired, you were also able to watch the game in an outside seat. Aidan had a great time. So much so that he was up until midnight telling me about it. According to him, there was not only football to watch, but other things as well. Like marching bands, and huge flags on the field, and sparkling parachute men.

It happened to be "honor the troops" night, so the whole side of the stadium held up letters that said "NC State" on one side, and " Thank You Troops" on the other. There was also a huge flag that people held up to cover most of the field. Aidan thought that was pretty cool.

Looking happy to be at the game.
His new face every time we try to take a picture.
Aidan and Daddy looking happy.
Aidan was very excited about the parachute guys. They took a while to come down, so he spent a while excitedly looking for them. He told me they had sparklers on their feet, which he loved. All in all, he had a great time, and I'm sure that spending time with Daddy just made his night!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing in the rain

A couple of weeks ago, there was an afternoon shower. The kids decided it would be a good idea to go out and play in the rain. There was no lightning or thunder, so I agreed. They had a blast! We ended up being out there for at least an hour.

They weren't too sure at first. They said it was cold, but they took the plunge anyway.
They promptly ran back up the steps because the rain was cold,
but found a way to warm up, and then go back to playing in the rain.
For a good while all they did was run around my car and the front yard. Then they found the sidewalk chalk and drew for a while.

Our Neighbor Jack joined in the fun as well.
Eventually they made their way to the backyard and found a huge puddle.
They danced and splashed, and splashed and danced for a long, long time!
Until they were all soaked and
danced and splashed out.
The End!