Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nap or no nap?

Anyone who knows Aidan knows that he does not like to sleep. He doesn't like to take a nap and he doesn't like to go to sleep at night. If he doesn't fall asleep in the car during the day it is a battle to get him to sleep. He could be dead tired and he will still fight sleep. At night it is the same. It could take up to an hour for him to fall asleep. It wouldn't be so bad if either Jon or I didn't have to be with him.

Aidan's doctor and a couple other people have suggested that we give up the nap. My reaction to that was "noooooo." When he doesn't take a nap he is usually miserable starting around 3. Doing anything and everything he knows he is not supposed to do. The upside is that when it comes time for bed at night he is asleep in 5 minutes. And asleep before 8 as compared to 9 or 10. So the question is, do I deal with a tired and miserable child for 4 hours so he will go to sleep easy and at a decent time at night, or do I still try for the nap and have a happy, rested child for the afternoon? Oh, and some quiet time for me. Although if he is asleep early at night I have more time for myself then. The trade offs you must make as a parent.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Peyton update

I feel like I've been writing a lot about Aidan and not saying much about Peyton. I guess Aidan just does much more than Peyton. Peyton is getting so big already.(She is still a peanut though) She will be four months in four days.

Just a cute picture to show her off

She loves playing with her big brother. Aidan is her favorite person right now.

It all went by so fast. I can't wait to watch all of her milestones that she will achieve in the coming months.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


What can I say? The kid loves yogurt.

He likes eating it...(well most of it anyway)
Drinking it...
and making a mess of it.
He has a good time though and that's all that matters. Oh, by the way,I didn't get a picture of it but Aidan thought the yogurt made a good conditioner for his hair.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


We had our first watermelon of the summer the other day. Aidan said he wanted to help me cut it up, but he thought it a better idea to eat it.

He had a great time eating it...

and making a big, juicy mess.

The watermelon turned out to be really good by the way!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last week Jon's brother came to visit with his three girls. We all had a fun, busy week. Aidan had a blast with all his Uncle's, cousins, Aunt's, and Grandma's

He enjoyed filling up the pool for all the kids to swim in.

He then enjoyed playing in it with Bronte and the other kids.
Everyone had their chance to hold Peyton. First up was Uncle Mike. Then...
cousin Lexi,
cousin Alicia, and finally...
cousin Sophie.
Aidan had a great time playing with all the big kids.
And playing with Uncle Mike too.
Peyton also had a chance to play with her cousins.
As you can see she was having fun as well.
We all had fun hanging out and being goofy.
Aidan followed Sophie around a lot. Thankfully she didn't seem to mind.
More being goofy.
We also ate a lot and enjoyed doing it.
Aidan couldn't get enough blueberries.
We had a very fun week but by the end we were all very tired out.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Aidan's haircut

On Wednesday Aidan had a haircut. He looks really cute but it makes him look older which makes me really sad. He is now looking more like a little boy instead of my baby.

Aidan's fat lip

Aidan fell down yesterday and hit his face on the floor and now has a fat lip. He is O.K but it was a scary experience. When I picked him up to see if he was O.K. there was blood everywhere. He put his teeth through his lip and then somehow cut his gums above his front tooth.