Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! Hope everyone is having as much fun as us.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas cookies

On Sunday Emily and Blake came over to decorate sugar cookies. We set the kids up with different color icing, paint brushes, and sprinkles.

Blake busy painting the icing on the cookies.
Aidan and
Peyton very busy working as well.
Of course you can't forget the sprinkles. All the kids loved this part. So much so that every cookie has more than it's fair share of them.
Along with the decorating, there was plenty of eating as well.

I think each of them ate their weight in icing and sprinkles.
Today Aidan and Peyton helped Nana and I make some more cookies. Aidan and Nana making balls out of the dough and then rolling it in cinnamon sugar.
Making cookies is a very tiring task!
Showing off his finished product.
Peyton helped in other ways, she made sure we always knew where the vanilla was and that we had plenty of it.
Aidan rolling the cookies in powdered sugar.
Peyton also helped with the cleanup. She washed all the dishes!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


After the snowball fight, and things settled down, Jon and Aidan were able to build a snowman. Aidan had so much fun and thought it was the coolest thing. The two of them were outside for what seemed like forever building the little guy.

Oh, I'm glad someone managed to take pictures because Aidan informed me he knocked him down and stepped on him after they were done.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Snowball fight

While in Buffalo, before the blizzard, we were lucky enough to see, and play in, some pretty , fluffy snow.

Aidan is getting ready to play,
and run, and jump, and fall in the snow.
It was a perfect night to break out a snowball fight. The snow was perfect to pack and find a target. Sara trying to flee as Kevin gets ready to strike.
During the entire fight Peyton was nice and warm, and safe in Nana's arms. She did get to watch from the porch and she thought it was hilarious.
Fun was had by all, and I'm glad we were able to play in a little snow.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow storm in Buffalo

While we were in Buffalo visiting family, we were lucky enough to experience one of their famous Lake effect snow storms. Living in NC for the past six years, I kind of forgot what a real snow storm can be like. I have to say though, I really DO NOT miss it. I'm so glad we live here in NC now and do not have to experience this.

It was very, very windy making it impossible to see 2 feet ahead
This is actually not the worst. You can see some in these pictures

On the back deck showing how much snow has fallen
Due to the high winds a huge tree fell down right in front of my Grandfather's house. Thankfully it did not hit the house and no one was hurt.

The storm started Wednesday night and all through Thursday. I don't think I have seen that much snow in years. I sometimes think I miss it, but not anymore. I have been reminded what a snow storm can be like. All the schools were closed and there was driving bands. It was freezing, and windy, and not the fluffy pretty snow you can actually play in. As soon as you went outside you were blasted with snow and wind.

If you do have to venture out, the process of getting yourself and two kids dressed is a nightmare. Shirt, sweater, heavy jacket, hat, gloves, boots, and a blanket. By the time everyone is dressed, you're exhausted. I guess what I am trying to say again is that I am glad we live here now.

The night before the storm, Peyton started running a fever. Of course it would happen at the worst time of the two weeks we were visiting. I spent all day Wednesday talking to my insurance company and calling doctors to try and find somewhere to take Peyton. At seven in the evening we finally found a doctor that would see her in the morning. The worst part of the storm, by the way. The Doctor was actually my Ped when I was young. He was actually closed on Thursdays too. He drove all the way from the next town, in a major snow storm, just to see Peyton. I really wish more Doctors were like him. He obviously really cares about people. Thank goodness he did see her because she ended up having bronchitis with a bit of pneumonia. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't find him.Thank You Doctor Patel!