Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last week Jon's brother came to visit with his three girls. We all had a fun, busy week. Aidan had a blast with all his Uncle's, cousins, Aunt's, and Grandma's

He enjoyed filling up the pool for all the kids to swim in.

He then enjoyed playing in it with Bronte and the other kids.
Everyone had their chance to hold Peyton. First up was Uncle Mike. Then...
cousin Lexi,
cousin Alicia, and finally...
cousin Sophie.
Aidan had a great time playing with all the big kids.
And playing with Uncle Mike too.
Peyton also had a chance to play with her cousins.
As you can see she was having fun as well.
We all had fun hanging out and being goofy.
Aidan followed Sophie around a lot. Thankfully she didn't seem to mind.
More being goofy.
We also ate a lot and enjoyed doing it.
Aidan couldn't get enough blueberries.
We had a very fun week but by the end we were all very tired out.

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Michael said...

What a great week it was visiting the NC clan.
Food, Fun and Family - It just doesn't get any better than that.
Can't wait to see everyone again.
My girls loved meeting their new cousins and renewing ties with their old ones.