Saturday, August 9, 2008

Peyton's 4 month check

On Thursday we took Peyton to the doctor for her 4 month check-up. She now weighs a whopping 13lbs.10.6oz. and measures 24in. long. She is such a peanut. That puts her in the 45th percentile. It seems so crazy to me that she is so tiny because Aidan was so big. He was always in the 90's for his percentiles. It's like they are on total opposite sides of the spectrum. They are different in so many other ways as well. One of the major ways is that Peyton likes to sleep. Aidan never did. To this day at the age of 2 he rarely sleeps through the night. For Peyton it is rare if she doesn't sleep through the night. Aidan has light hair and bright blue eyes while Peyton has dark hair and dark eyes. (I still can't figure out exactly what color they are) I'm sure there will many more differences I will notice as she grows. I am looking forward to seeing her change and grow as I did with Aidan.

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