Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

We started off our Easter celebration by coloring eggs on Saturday. It was a beautiful day, so we did it out on the deck. Aidan was very excited and had a great time coloring and then putting stickers on all the eggs.

The Easter bunny hid all the eggs so when Aidan and Peyton woke up they searched the house to find them all. Aidan was so excited every time he found one. Peyton even managed to find a few all on her own.

Here are the baskets that the Easter bunny brought for Aidan and Peyton.

Of course Nana had to make the kids baskets as well. Aidan is enjoying all the chocolate.
Peyton did not get any candy, but she managed to find a jelly bean. She loved it by the way.
We also had an egg hunt outside with Bronte and Nick with plastic eggs filled with candy. Peyton loved playing with all the eggs.
Peyton looking very cute as a bunny.
We had dinner here with most of the family. It was a great day watching the kids excitement and spending time with family.

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