Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aidan is THREE!

Today Aidan turned three years old. Three years ago today I was about to become a Mommy. I didn't have any idea how that would feel until he was born. Sure, I could imagine, but I never really knew until the moment he was in my arms. It was one of the best feeling in my life. I could not even begin to describe the love that poured out of me.

Aidan has become such a little boy, a little person. He is full of energy, he is extremely funny, very strong willed, and intense. He knows what he wants, and doesn't have a problem telling you. He likes many thing to be a certain way, like he needs to line up his cars before we leave the house or go to bed. He loves to be outside. If we could spend all day, every day outside, he would. He loves to play with critters. Ants, lady bugs, dragonflies, he loves them all. He loves his sister, although he likes to beat her up a little as well.

To celebrate Jon got out of work early, and we took Aidan to chuck E cheese to play some games. It was really nice to be able to spend time with just him. He picked out Moe's for dinner, and then we headed home to the rest of the family for cake and ice cream.

When we got home this was waiting for him from Nana and Grandma:
the kids had so much fun with this. They played with it until bedtime.

Aidan wanted a dinosaur cake. This is what I made for today. Stay tuned for the cake for Saturday's party.
Aidan gobbled up the cake and had a frosting face to show for it.
Peyton also got to enjoy a little cake, and enjoy she did! She ended up with a frosting face too.
Aidan had such a fun day! He didn't want to go to bed. (does he ever?) Jon brought him up crying because he did not want to stop playing with his new toys.

Aidan, THANK YOU for making me a Mama, your Mama. I love you! Happy Birthday!


Mama Cass said...

My kids play with that water table every day! It's awesome. Happy Birthday Aidan.

Emily said...

What a cool little guy. Happy Birthday, Aidan. Hope the week is full of perfect outside-weather. Cake looks delicious!