Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas cookies

On Sunday Emily and Blake came over to decorate sugar cookies. We set the kids up with different color icing, paint brushes, and sprinkles.

Blake busy painting the icing on the cookies.
Aidan and
Peyton very busy working as well.
Of course you can't forget the sprinkles. All the kids loved this part. So much so that every cookie has more than it's fair share of them.
Along with the decorating, there was plenty of eating as well.

I think each of them ate their weight in icing and sprinkles.
Today Aidan and Peyton helped Nana and I make some more cookies. Aidan and Nana making balls out of the dough and then rolling it in cinnamon sugar.
Making cookies is a very tiring task!
Showing off his finished product.
Peyton helped in other ways, she made sure we always knew where the vanilla was and that we had plenty of it.
Aidan rolling the cookies in powdered sugar.
Peyton also helped with the cleanup. She washed all the dishes!

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