Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween! We started out with a chili and beer bread dinner. We met up with neighbors and friends outside for a little playtime before heading out.

Peyton the kitty cat all dressed and ready to go.

Aidan met up with some friends, Simon the storm trooper, and Blake as wolverine. Aidan was spider-man of course!
August the chicken also made an appearance.
Peyton with her friend Jack the panda.
Nicholas dressed as a scary skeleton.
Elliot, the cutest pirate that you ever did see!
An attempt to get a picture of all the kids.
Emily as an awesome witch.
After all the playing and the pictures, it was time to actually go trick or treating.
Peyton had a great time and was not scared or shy at all. She heard the word candy and was all in!
It was hard work though so Jack and Peyton decided to rest when we got back.
Just a funny note: As we got farther down the street Peyton was concerned that she could not see our house. She kept saying " we're getting to far! I can't see my house,mommy!"

Also Jon and I had ti split up. He went with Aidan and the big kids, and went with Peyton the Jack, the little ones. Aidan made it around the whole block, while Peyton and I only made it up the street and back. Needless to say Aidan had a lot more candy.

We played a little more with friends and called it a night. Peyton is still wearing her costume, she loved it so much!

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Emily said...

Peyton was the cutest kitty cat I have ever seen! We had a great time with you guys!