Thursday, April 17, 2008

Peyton's birth story

I started feeling sick at the end of July 2007. We were not technically trying because I had only one cycle since having Aidan. We decided we were ready for another child and were hoping I would get pregnant despite the fact that I could not track my ovulation. After feeling sick for a while I thought I might be pregnant so I took a test. It was negative. I took another test a couple of days later and there was a very faint second line. I then took three more tests including one at the doctors office all of which turned out a negative result. I was told I was not pregnant by the Doctor as well. Three weeks go by of me still feeling sick and pregnant before I got a positive test result. Ten more weeks of morning sickness followed. Being pregnant with a very active toddler was very difficult.

I went into labor on Thursday March 20 around 8pm. The contractions started at 7 minutes apart and then gradually went to 5. They stayed at 5 minutes apart all night. At midnight I decided to go to the hospital to get checked cause the contractions were getting worse. I was sent home at 2cm. I woke up in the morning with contractions still 5 minutes apart but obviously getting worse. At 11am we went back to the hospital. At noon I was checked by Dr. Smith and was 4cm and in active labor. The contractions were much worse by then. I was admitted and moved to a labor and delivery room. At 2 I had an epidural and by 4:07pm our daughter Peyton was born. She weighed 7lbs.11oz. This was a very different labor and delivery than with Aidan. It was very quick and a lot less painfull. Three pushes and she was here. Aidan, my mother, and Jon's mother and sister came to visit us that night. Aidan was very excited to meet Peyton. They were both sitting in my lap and Aidan was kissing and hugging his new little sister. Then the cutest thing happened. Peyton started crying. Aidan looked at me and hid little face crumbled and he started crying as well. He has since then learned to ignore her crying but I will never forget that moment. We left the hospital the next day at 5pm and our lives as the parents of two began.

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jennokie said...

That is the cutest story ever. It's amazing how close the first one immediately becomes connected to the 2nd when they're born. You feel all this anxiety as to how they will react and if there will be any jealousy but they really become the best of friends. I don't think they ever really remember what it was like before their sister or in my case brother comes along, they just think they were always there. @ is fantastic, they are so protective over each other. Enjoy your 2 little cuties and enjoy every minute. Love you guys! Jenn