Saturday, February 7, 2009

The circus

Today the whole family headed out to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey circus. It was Aidan and Peyton's first time, as well as mine.

Here we all are waiting in line to get in to the pre-show. It was Sara, Kevin, Nick, Jon, Aidan, Peyton, and I that went.

Outside, while waiting to get in, Sara bought each of the boys a program. Here Aidan is with his on his back.
We went an hour before the actual show to the pre-show to meet the animals and people in the circus.

Here is one of the men on stilts.
Here is Nick wearing his clown nose.
Jon an the kids in our seats.
Peyton fell asleep before the circus started and spent the first half of it this way.
Aidan watching intently.

His favorite part was the animals. He loved the horses,

and the elephants.

I didn't catch the tigers, but he loved them as well. He loved the parts when their were animals involved, but when they left he kept asking where they went. He didn't care much about the people hanging from the ceiling or the contortionists or the dancing people. Other than the animals, he like the motorcycles, other vehicles in the show.

Peyton did good for a while. She slept for the first half. She woke up, clapped and danced for a while, and then decided she didn't want to sit anymore. I had to take her out and walk her around and let her climb the stairs a couple of times. I was a able to peak in every so often and watch from the standing area.

All in all everyone had a good time. For my first circus I really liked it, and so did Aidan.


Aidan&Peytons Mama said...

Christie's husband Jon here....odd that Christie has never been to the circus before, considering it was one of our first dates when she came out to visit me in Boston 9 or 10 years ago. odd indeed.

Aidan&Peytons Mama said...

Sorry. Apparently my brain doesn't work so well after having 2 kids.

Ana and Emery's Mama said...

hahahaha, Hilarious. Obviously a very memorable date Jon!

Looks like the circus was a lot of fun.