Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The party

Peyton turned 1 on Saturday, so of course we had a party for her. We had a lot of family and friends over to celebrate with us. Even though Peyton really had no idea what was going on, we all had a good time.

For the first time I decided to make something other than a plain rectangle cake. I made a butterfly cake, and then ladybug and bee cupcakes. I must say, the cake turned out pretty darn cute.

I didn't get a picture of the cupcakes, but here is the cake:

Here is all the food people brought and I made. Crazy, I know!
Here is Peyton while we were singing Happy Birthday.
Aidan sitting right next to her singing.
The cupcake. She didn't know what to do with at first, but once she took a bite she loved it. When she was done it was in her hair and all over her face.
Peyton could care less about opening her gifts so I ended up opening all of them. She found the balloons much more interesting.
She has a great time playing with the balloons and their strings.

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