Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Aidan!


Four years ago today, you made me a mom, your mom. You are the best little boy anyone can ask for. You are a caring, loving, bright, silly, smart, fun little boy. You love your little sister so much, and are a great big brother to her. Most of the time you love to play with her and direct her, and explain what you are doing. You have a ton of energy, and never seem to get tired. Right now you like to ride your bike, play with your men, and do just about anything outside. This was your first year of preschool, and you loved it. You made a lot of new friends, and did great with your work and following the teachers directions. Your giggle is contagious, and you constantly make me laugh. Just tonight while taking a bath, you squirted me with the shower. You looked at me, and then we both cracked up. I have enjoyed being your mama for the past four years, and am looking forward to watching you grow and change. You are a great little boy and I am so proud of you.

I love you!

Happy Birthday!

Love Mama

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Emily said...

He is such a happy, excited, handsome little guy! I can't believe our boys are 4!My, how time does fly!