Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day started for me when I picked up Aidan from school on Friday. He could not wait to open his backpack and show me what he made for me. The excitement on his face was enough for me, but this very cute flower was an added bonus.

On Mother's Day morning the kids were up bright and early, so we were able to get to Mimi's before the crowd and have a great breakfast.

As you can see, Jon is really, really enjoying himself.
Aidan is into making silly faces now when I try and take his picture.
Nana and Peyton were having a good time eating all the good food as well.
Peyton especially loved eating at Mimi's. She had a taste of everyone's food.
After breakfast we went to Home Depot to pick out some flowers. I didn't get a picture, but Aidan picked out orange flowers, and Peyton picked yellow. They also picked me out some really cute yellow ones. When we got home they both helped put their flowers in a pot for the porch stairs. Mine were planted on the porch railing.

Next up was strawberry picking! We went to Pope's right in Knightdale and the kids had a blast.
Everyone excited and running to the strawberries with their buckets.
Peyton needed a little help, but she did a great job picking.
Aidan loved it, and did a great job all on his own. He filled about a quarter of a bucket all by himself.
Of course the kids were eating strawberries as they were picking them. There was strawberry juice everywhere. On hands, faces, and clothes.
Aidan's silly, strawberry face.
Peyton's strawberry face.
We all had a great time and ended up picking about 20lbs. of strawberries. We will be having strawberry everything for a while!

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