Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peyton's 3rd birthday party!

March 21st was Peyton's 3rd birthday, so on Sunday, the day before, we had her party. An Ariel, Little Mermaid party, that is. Peyton had been talking for months about this day. What decorations she wanted, what kind of cake/cupcakes, and of course what toys. I don't think there was a day between Christmas and her birthday that she didn't ask "how many more days till my birthday Mommy?"

Well,the day was finally here, and this is what she looked like most of the morning. The party wasn't until three so I think it was hard for her to contain her excitement and wait.

Once she relaxed a bit, she was fine.

Little Mermaid decorations that Peyton hand picked.
She was very excited about this cash register from Aunt Sara and Uncle Kevin. We play grocery store almost every day.
Aidan was very good at helping her open her gifts.
Happy girl!
Sara came early so Peyton had plenty of time to be a cashier. And she finally decided to put on her party dress.
We had lots of good snacks,
and pasta and pizza for dinner.
It was a beautiful day so the kids had a great time playing outside. The favorite was playing Star Wars with our neighbor Eric.

Sweet August watching the big kids play!
Aidan loves babies. Here he is hanging out with Merin.
Even Peyton had a blast playing Star Wars with the boys!
Enjoying a big bite of pizza. The girl can eat up to three slices in one sitting!
We were also celebrating Nick's 13th birthday. Hanging out with one of his friends, Josh. We didn't see much of them. Teenagers apparently like to be alone!
My attempt at a little mermaid cake. Most of it turned out, but the face is kinda scary. Oh well, it still tasted good , and Peyton didn't mind.
The kids waiting for cake.
We sang to Nick first,
then it was Peyton's turn.
Aidan showing off his blue tongue from the frosting.
Big smile from the happy birthday girl!
Blake and Aidan enjoying cake.
Peyton and Jack about to dig in!
Stella and Henry eating their cake outside.
Looks like Elliot likes the cake too!
Messy cake face!
Very messy cake face!
The kids are patiently waiting for the gifts, although Aidan doesn't look very happy about it.
Peyton excited about her fairies!
Peyton loves this bear. She named her lovey bear and takes her everywhere, including to bed every night.
All the kids closely watching her open!
Peyton posing by her huge princess picture. Now all we need is a new house to hang it in!
Thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate. You all helped to make her birthday a special one!


Mem said...

happy birthday peyton! i cannot believe how miserable i look in that photo! good grief! at least the kiddos looked happy!

Drew Watts said...

She is such a cutie pie! God bless her. It looks like a fun party to me and I am sure that cake would have been delicious. Was it made at home? I so want the recipe! I have also shortlisted some of the Chicago event venues for my daughter’s birthday and I would love to bake a cake for her.