Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday decorating!

We have been very busy this past week making and decorating many holiday treats. The first was the gingerbread houses. I decided to make my own house this year so they would be edible. They were fairly easy to do except the putting together part. I had to hold them together for a while to let them dry. Anyway, this is what they looked like before the kids started decorating.

Aidan placing the candy in just the right spot, while Peyton is eating the icing.
That was her favorite part, the icing. She licked the bowl clean and then asked for more.
We also made a couple of gingerbread men to go along with the houses.
The finished product. Peyton's is on the left and Aidan's on the right.
Next were the sugar cookies, and once again the icing was her favorite.
Aidan didn't think it was too bad either!
Working very hard.
The kids picked the icing colors they wanted to use. We used purple and pink (Peyton's choices), and blue and yellow (Aidan's choices).
Adding the sprinkles was a ton of fun. Of course to the kids the more the better!
Peyton's finished cookies.
Aidan's finished cookies.
The kids had a great time decorating, and we had a great time watching them have so much fun!

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