Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Eve/Christmas 2009

On Christmas Eve we had family over for dinner and lots of good treats. I think in this picture Peyton got into some vegan fudge.

Aunt Sara can never wait to open gifts so she gave the kids her gift.
They were entertained for a while making playdoh burgers and fries.
Mmm. Doesn't that look good?
On Christmas morning the kids slept until 9 from having so much fun the night before. Getting ready to come down the stairs.
They were so excited and started grabbing gifts right away.
And then they spotted these: Peyton found her 4 wheeler and now can ride alongside Aidan in his jeep. Aidan found his new bike, that we later had to take back, because Jon got the wrong one. He saw a spiderman bike at the store and had his heart set on that one. We took this one back and he now has a spiderman bike. I knew this was going to happen because on Christmas Eve he was telling everyone that Santa was bringing him a Spiderman one. It was too late then to bring it back, so we just blamed it on Daddy instead of Santa.
Peyton loved her 4 wheeler and kept driving it around the house.
They had a great time opening gifts,

and then playing with them all.

I think the markers and paper were one of their favorites.

Later in the afternoon we went to Uncle Joe's to exchange gifts.

Later that evening we had everyone over our house again for dinner. We had a great time celebrating with everyone!

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