Monday, January 11, 2010

Making crabcakes with Nana

On New Year's Eve Nana and the kids made crabcakes for dinner. They helped Nana crush the crackers. They were great at this part. I had plenty off crushed ritz's everywhere.

The next step was to roll the crabcakes in the crackers, roll them into a ball, then push them onto the pan. Peyton still has not moved on from the crushing part. Grandma is sneaking her another one to crush.
Trying to roll it into a ball.

Grandma is looking a little worried at this point. She has good reason because...
this is what they looked like when they were all done. At some point someone decided to add whole and crushed crackers on top of the crabcakes. My mom just ran with it and we just fixed them later.
They turned out really good and and the kids had a great time making them.

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