Monday, March 8, 2010

Aidan's hurt arm

The whole ordeal started yesterday while at jumping beans. Aidan was having a blast jumping around, wrestling with his friends, and sliding down the big slide. At some point while sliding down the slide he hurt his arm. I heard the scream and cry and had a feeling right away it was no simple injury. You can usually tell when it is not your child's "normal cry." The rest of the afternoon and evening he would not use his right arm to do anything. He just kept it at his side. This morning it was not any better so we brought him to the doctor to be checked out. After moving and feeling Aidan's arm, (this was painful for him) she thought his elbow was dislocated but wanted him to get an x-ray just to make sure. The doctor at the radiology place confirmed that his elbow was dislocated, so it was back to his primary doctor to put it back in place and to get a sling. Getting his elbow back in was luckily really quick so not much pain for Aidan. He has to wear the sling for a couple of days and he should be fine. I can tell he is already feeling better.

Aidan was great through the whole thing. There was a little crying when the doctor was moving it around and squeezing it, and a little when they were placing his arm for the x-rays, but that was it. I told him how proud of him I was, and that we would go get ice cream for being so brave. He then told me that "ice cream would make his arm feel all better." Now on to "trying" to get him to be careful with his arm for a while.

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