Saturday, December 11, 2010

Disney on ice-Toy story 3

On Wednesday night, we went to see Disney on ice-Toy story 3. The kids enjoyed the show, but by the end they were ready to go. Peyton danced a lot, and her favorite part were the barbies.
Aidan's favorite part were the toy soldiers.

Everybody waiting for the show to start.

After we found our seats we decided to go get some snacks. Aidan is being a nice big brother by helping Peyton down the stairs.

The kids each decided on ice cream dipping dots.
Peyton enjoying chocolate,
while Aidan is enjoying rainbow ice.
We were in the first row of the second level, which was great because the kids could stand up to see without bothering anyone.
Alien claw game part.
Woody and Jesse.

It was hard to get pictures because it was so dark, but the videos turned out pretty good, so here is one of everyone.

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