Sunday, December 19, 2010

Making Christmas cookies

Today Sara and Nick came over to make cookies. The kids liked helping for a little while, but Sara and I did most of the baking.

One of their favorite thing to do is stir. Peyton helping Aunt Sara stir her cranberry cookies.
Aidan and Peyton helping Aunt Sara again!
Helping roll the thumbprints in nuts, and then making the print.
Peyton really liked putting the cinnamon candies on the rice crispy wreaths.
One of the cookies the kids really did help with were the nutter butter snowmen. I dipped them in white chocolate, and then the kids decorated them to make a snowman.
The finished product!
Rice crispy wreaths.
Cherry nut balls.
Thumb prints and mexican wedding balls.
I had a good time making the cookies and watching the kids decorate. Thank you Sara for helping! Now I just have sugar cookies and a gingerbread house to make!

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Emily said...

Wow! Those look great! What in the world are you going to do with all those cookies??? Also, my goodness Sara looks just like you in those photos!