Sunday, October 26, 2008

Funny things Aidan says

The other day I was in the car with Aidan and I was telling him we had to go to the mall so mommy could vote for a president. Aidan says all excited " a present for Aidan? " I thought that was very cute.

We were watching a show with an elephant behind some trees. The elephant stayed behind the trees the whole time so Aidan says to me " mommy, the elephant is locked, right? "

Tonight he told me that he is the boss. I don't know how he knows what that is cause we don't really talk about it.

In the car on the way to target I was talking to my Grandfather. He lives in NY so we don't get to see him very much. We were just there in September so he is still fresh in Aidan's mind. When I got off the phone Aidan told me that grandpa was outside on the porch drinking tea. If you know my Grandfather you would know that this is very funny because he never drinks tea, he drinks homemade wine. Also, very rarely does anyone else I know drink tea so I don't know where he got that one from.

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