Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Aidan had a blast tonight. At first he was shy about going up to houses and saying "trick or treat." He told Jon or I that we had to say it. Once he got the hang of it and knew he was going to get candy he was a pro. By the end of the night he was running from one house to another telling us "I go by myself." He would go to the door, knock, and then proceed to grab the candy out of the bowl as soon as the person opened the door. We had to tell him many times to wait until they handed him the candy. It was very cute though.

Here is Aidan a couple nights ago after we carved his pumpkin:

Aidan and Peyton in their daytime Halloween outfits:

Aidan was Mickey Mouse..
and Peyton was Minnie. (at Aidan's request, or should I say insistence)
Mickey and Minnie together. (love Peyton's scrunchy face)

Aidan going trick or treating all by himself
Both attacking the candy as soon as we got home.

Peyton had a great time too. She loved checking everybody out and watching all the kids running around.

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