Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where's the raisin?

This is a funny story I always want to remember. Anytime I'm a little down I will think of this day.

We were on our way home from story time. I had given Aidan a box of raisins before we left to eat in the car as a snack. All of the sudden he starts screaming " my raisin, my raisin." I said " calm down." " What happened to your raisin?" (thinking he had just dropped them) The response I heard was something I definitely was not expecting. He said " the raisin is up my nose!" I pulled the car over and looked up his nose and sure enough there was a raisin up there. Far enough up there where you could not reach it, but close enough so you could still see it. I tried to get him to blow his nose but it would not come out. What was I to do, I thought. I ended up going to Beth's house cause it was not to far from the ENT if we could not retrieve it with tweezers. After a little coaxing Aidan let me stick the tweezers up his nose and get the raisin out. What a relief. I could not imagine having to walk in to the Ent's office saying I needed someone to take a raisin out of my son's nose. I'm sure they have pulled plenty of stuff out of kids noses, but still. He looked at the raisin, laughed, and then said he felt much better. Then began playing as if nothing had happened.

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Anonymous said...

what my wife fails to say in this story is that she called me telling me she was going to take him to the ent. i asked her if you can see the raisin why dont you just go to beths house and see if she has some tweezers to take it out. if she hadnt called me she would have ended up at the ENT. i guess what they say is knows best!