Monday, October 27, 2008

Fall Festivals

Last weekend our neighborhood had a fall festival. Aidan painted a pumpkin....

and played some games.
This is his spider ring he won.
This Sunday we went to another fall festival with Joe, Bronte, Michael, And Grandma.

Aidan was very excited to be able to ride a pony again.
This time Bronte was riding the pony in front of him.
We even had fun waiting in line to ride the ponies.
Bronte and Aidan are ver y happy to finally be next to ride.
Aidan played some games...
and won candy for prizes. He was very excited about that. He kept trying to eat it while waiting to play the next game.
Peyton had a great time too.
People watching got tiring after awhile so she took a little nap.
Aidan loved the fact that we had to ride a bus to and from our car. This is us in the back seat of the bus.
Aidan also went down a huge blow up slide that I did not get a picture of, and we went on the craziest hay ride ever. It was really fast and bumpy. The driver turned a lot and at the end went up a big hill. We then had to come down which was really fun. All of this in the dark was crazy, but fun.

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