Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been giving Peyton avocado's for a while now. They were one of her first foods. I usually dice it up and give it to her to eat. Today I was using a spoon to scoop it out and feeding it to her. She did not like that idea. She wanted to feed herself. So I just handed her the half of avocado. This is what she did with it.

Here she is scooping out the avocado with her hand.
She was having so much fun with it. She loved it and could not get it in her mouth fast enough.
When the avocado was gone she tried moving on to the skin. She actually bit off a piece and was chewing on it. At that point I thought it necessary to take it away.
Well, needless to say, Peyton was not very happy about that. I guess I will be heading to the store tomorrow to buy more!

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