Saturday, January 17, 2009

Peyton's 9 month well baby check

On the day of Peyton's 9 month check, I was expecting a non-eventful trip to the doctors. Weigh in, measure length and head, and a couple shots. No biggy. We have done this plenty of times. Instead I came out feeling like I was doing something wrong. I was told that Peyton was not gaining enough weight. At her 6 month she was 15lbs. 10oz. She is now 16lbs. 2oz. Meaning that she only gained about half an ounce in three months. The doctor asked how much she was nursing and when I gave my answer she told me that it was not enough. I knew that was not true, but it still upset me to hear the doctor tell me that. Apparently, she fell off her 25 percentile curve and is now in the 10th percentile. I know these curves are based on formula fed babies. I know I am nursing her enough and often. I see how much food she eats on top of nursing, but it still bothered me. I keep telling myself she is fine, she is meeting all her milestones, she is just a little peanut. Peyton is a healthy, active, happy little girl. I still hear the doctors voice in the back of my head every once in while though.

I wonder if it upset me so much because Aidan was the total opposite. I never had anyone tell me he wasn't gaining enough. They were all amazed at how much and how fast he was gaining. Aidan weighed 16lbs. (what Peyton weighs now) at 4 months. That's crazy!


Ana and Emery's Mama said...

Big, understanding, hugs headed your way.

My children are the same way...Ana was/is huge and Emery is on the smaller side. The only thing that has kept me from worrying is that my ped says "he is fine" even when his weight fluctuated a bit. And I can't tell you the shear amount of calls I get from moms when their kids are 6-9 months old and they are told their children didn't gain enough...and truly some kids at this age don't gain AT ALL and that is perfectly normal.

You are lucky you have the perspective of this being your second because you have confidence in your parenting and in your body's ability to nourish your children. I know it is hard to shrug it off but trust me, that is going to be the best thing.

She is just now getting to what could be considered "her percentile" so just keep doing what you are doing!

There, now do you feel better?

Aidan&Peytons Mama said...

I do. I know she is fine and I'm doing things right, but it is nice to hear you say it too. Thanks!

Emily said...

That is one of the happiest little babies I have seen. She is absolutely not in some kind of decline. I am no doctor, but you gotta go with your gut on this one. You know that--just trust yourself.......that is my own humble opinion!

Aidan&Peytons Mama said...

I know she is fine and growing at her own pace but it still made me mad that the doctor said that.

mbrockhagen said...

Hi there, Megan told me about Payton's "weigh ins" - She told me because it looks like that's where we're heading with Saba. She started in the 75th percentile but is now down to the 25th. I hate it when we have to go to the doctor. So far, she hasn't said anything - but I do feel like I'm always questioning my supply and pinching her thighs to see if they are smaller.
I just remember how it was in Botswana - a girlfriend of mine had a baby boy who was on the chunky side and she could never nurse him in public without TONS of people telling her that she was over feeding him. It was ridiculous!
Hang in there! Peyton looks awesome!